Friday, May 17, 2013

things kids say

Tonight we took the Ubergoober to see "Star Trek Into Darkness." Which was fantastic, if you ask me. If you ask Nature Boy, it wasn't that good, and Goober felt that the first of the new Star Trek franchise was better.

But Goober felt that some of the content was a little too mature for him. Like this one part where one character crushes another character's skull with his bare hands. Now, you don't see any of this on screen. You just see character one with character two's head in his hands and then you see the reactions of the other characters on screen and you infer the skull crushing from that.

So on the way home from the movie, he said he wanted to contact J.J. Abrams.

"I just think that the bone crushing sequence was really inappropriate for younger audiences like me and he should think of that when he's making a movie," Goober said. (Seriously... this is a direct quote.)

"Well, buddy, the movie was rated PG-13, so it was intended for more mature audiences, but Daddy and I felt that you could handle the content and we were going to be right there if you had questions," I replied.

Goober was silent for a moment. "Well, I still feel that was inappropriate."

"Do you think you'll have nightmares tonight?" I asked.

"No, I had a nightmare the other night, so I don't think I have enough memory left for another one."

I have a hard time not laughing sometimes when I talk to Goober, because this is how he always talks. He doesn't have an idea, he has a hypothesis. He's not just hungry, he's famished. One of the reasons he loves "Star Trek" is because he identifies with Spock. And he really does. He's all about the science and the logic and his largest complaint in life is that things just don't always make sense. It's black and white, right and wrong, logical and illogical.

It's so different from me. I'm not just into the shades of grey, I'm all about the technicolors of life. I'm artsy fartsy and all about feelings and talking things out. But it's fun to talk with my little Vulcan because it's like learning a foreign language.

Plus, it's damn amusing.

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Goofball said...

hehe, he sounds very mature.

you have a new profile picture too? Hmm I would not have recognised it as being you