Sunday, June 30, 2013

a few things

So it’s been a rough few months here. So rough I almost forgot I had a blog. And then something would happen and I’d think, “That would make a really great blog post!” But then I’d get all tangled up in whatever it was that was happening and I’d forget to write that blog post. So now I’m going to try and write it all down here and hope that you forgive me, because this is going to get messy.

First of all, Ty graduated high school!!!!!

I’m using lots of exclamation points because it’s that exciting and there was a very real possibility that he wouldn’t. We learned that at the beginning of May, Ty had a few substandard letters on his report card that both parents and school officials tend to see as, well, negative in the process of obtaining a high school diploma. After two weeks, the verdict was that Ty would graduate because he had enough credits, but would not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies because of the failing grades. Then, in a surprise turn of events, Ty turned those F’s in to D’s and would be allowed to not only graduate but also march across that stage. This announcement was made the day before graduation ceremonies, of course.

But he did it! We are proud of him. No we just hope he survives the summer. He's a teenage boy, after all.

Then Nature Boy had surgery.

Endless medical paperwork...

It all started in May when he had a sore and swollen throat. We saw three different doctors and tried three different medications before the last one finally referred him to an ENT specialist. Turns out he had a ginormous stone in his salivary gland, which ended up requiring removal of the gland. That knocked him out of commission for about two weeks, but he's all better now and he's got a pretty cool scar on his neck.

Of course, we also decided to expand our gardening efforts this year. We planted a bunch more raspberries, added some blueberry bushes, another apple tree and a cherry tree.


Naturally, the trees needed fertilizing while Nature Boy was laid up and because of the never-ending winter, I hadn't been able to plant my kitchen garden so I ended up doing all of this all by my little self. Well, my mom helped me plant the kitchen garden, but I was stuck with tree duty. Do you know what that entails? Pounding fertilizer spikes into the soil around the trees with a big mallet, watering them with a five-gallon bucket filled from a 55-gallon drum and then spraying the trees with a mixture of hot pepper juice and coyote urine to dissuade the deer from munching on the branches.

Glamorous, I know.

We've also been shooting in a lot of archery tournaments.

So nearly every weekend, after we close up the archery shop, we head out and hit whatever shoot is going on. We've been traveling all over the state, but it's a lot of fun because it's something we can do as a family. Also, we get to shoot things. And it's exercise because we hike several miles through the woods.

But I'm back on track now. I've also started a Tumblr to chronicle my life as a farm wife. So if you are feeling neglected here, do check me out over there.


SMM said...

YAY! Glad you are "back"!!

Also, glad that Ty graduated and your husband is ok! YAY!

Julie said...

yay for graduates and succesful surgeries!!!! And you do archery tournaments? I know who I'm hanging out with during the zombie apocalypse . . .

Goofball said...

sorry, I have to giggle that you felt the need to enlarge your garden even bigger. It seems so huge to me already :p

Yeay for Ty!!!