Thursday, September 26, 2013


So it's been almost two years since I last donated my hair.

Bathroom mirror shot... holy heck that's a lot of hair. 

But today... This happened.

That is the very lovely Marissa from Blonde & Beyond holding about a foot of my hair. She was appalled that I wanted to cut off all my hair, but grudgingly obliged. In the end, it all went to Pink Heart Funds, so that's good. I like being able to help.

Now I have a very Molly Ringwald ca. "The Breakfast Club" haircut.


Which is still a little too long for my taste and about six inches too short for Nature Boy's liking, but I think next time I'll go shorter before I begin growing it all out again. I've already informed Nature Boy of the "No hair, no opinion," clause in our relationship agreement.

1 comment:

Goofball said...

oh wow that was long! I think I only saw you in the scarce pictures you post with short hair